Just Bee Water (Review)

Hi Guys!

Today I would like to talk about a drink that I think is fab and I want to share my thoughts on it.  Now being on a diet or a change in eating plan, it is always recommended to drink more water, I drink around 4 litres of water a day! I now love water ❤ but lets be honest it can be boring… I’ve added lemon, fruit and all sorts to spice it up and it works but I am always on the look out for more.

I came across Just Bee Drinks and they have a range of flavoured waters but something about them as a brand and their ethics made me want to find out more. When I read up about the company I feel the love; they have a love for Bees but the passion to help Bees and create a product with their family struck a cord with me.

The water is enriched with a drop of honey, no refined sugar and 50 cals or less (depending on flavour), making it 2 – 2.5 syns per drink. Now you might be thinking, woah Julie are you mad?! but in the scheme of things I am on a diet with Slimming World and I am allowed 15 syns per day, before I always tried to think how much bad stuff can I have for those syns, now I think about healthy syns. Don’t get me wrong I still like the odd naughty chocolate bar but if I can have a healthy drink then pass me more!

It also made me very nostalgic, when I was younger and ill, my mother would make me a drink with honey in it. Sadly my mother is no longer here but I am still attached to that idea.

There are three flavours; Lemon & Green Tea, Apple & Ginger and Blueberry. I must admit Blueberry is my favourite and you can taste the honey in it. It tastes like no other water drink I have ever had.

My husband and both my girls loved them, so much so the taster turned into them gone in seconds.

With the cartons, once open you do have to drink them with in 24 hours but they’re the right size that it would fill a glass and you wouldn’t really put it back in the fridge, I know I couldn’t.

Make sure to check out Just Bee Drinks Our Story

You can purchase these drinks direct from Just Bee Drinks  or check the stockist page for more information.

My final thoughts

I love the product, it tastes beautiful!

Yes, I would buy them again. They’re more expensive than your average bottle of water but you are buying from a local business that we need to see thrive and they’re helping save bees.

Yes, I would use the syns on them and I would choose it over dare I say it…chocolate!

It definitely feels like a treat and served with ice on a warm day it’s refreshing.


I hope you enjoy the stop motion 🙂

Julie x

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 21.51.19





JUST BEE WATER from Julie Mullin on Vimeo.


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