Get Date Night (Review)

Hey Guys!

So I have something a little different to share with you and I am excited to do so. On Instagram the company Get Date Night had a post asking for reviewers and after researching them I decided to send them a message and I am so glad I did.

They sent me a date night box so that my husband Thomas and I could enjoy. We haven’t had a proper date in almost 4 years!! Yes that long! We have had date/movie nights, but to me it lacks focus, maybe it’s my age and I just want a little more. Life can be hectic and sometimes I find a movie boring! When you go out for a date it can be romantic, the focus is on you both as a couple and to make time for each other.

So I had high hopes for the date night box and I didn’t know what to expect.

We didn’t open the box until Saturday night. We both agreed that we would get dressed up, set up the living room and get the kids off to bed a little earlier.

We set the mood with candles and a little music.

Then Thomas had to follow the directions on the card, which he had candles to light and a link to Spotify playlist, which was on point may I add!

Right away it took us away from the “typical” date night and I got butterflies in my tummy, it was a nice feeling.

We followed the steps and it created a date where we had to spend time with each other, no distractions and we had to get imitate.

I don’t want to give away to much of the box because it will take away the excitement if you want to order one for yourself but for example it had massage oil, face masks, rose petals, chocolate etc…

There were 7 cards in the box with a gift with each card, it made it exciting. Unfortunately I was allergic to one of the scents but Get Date Night have confirmed they have an allergy section when signing up so you won’t receive anything you are allergic too. We didn’t use the face masks because I had put make up on and got dressed up, if I knew it would have been more a pampering type of box I wouldn’t have done so, our next date we shall be using it though. Also one card recommended you get a bath or shower together using the soap and rose petals, unfortunately we don’t have the space for us both in our bath but we made it a little more intimate by using a bowl with a face cloth to spend time caressing our bodies, bringing a little Greek to the mix!

Overall thoughts

I think a date night box is a fantastic idea, I can’t believe I never thought about it myself! It isn’t just what is in the date box, it is the fact that you both choose to plan a night, spend it together, turn off the tech and really focus on each other.

The box is ordered so there is no running around planning anything, having to pick things up from different stores or trying to agree on a movie! Getting it in the post takes the pressure off and because you both don’t know what will be in the box it is an experience for you both.

When I am writing this and thinking about the date night we had, it makes me happy, it was memorable, we laughed, cuddled and spent a few hours on it. It didn’t revolve around food or any other of our usuals date night activities. It did bring us closer together and it made me remember why I love this man so much, nearly 9 years together and I got butterflies, I was nervous, excited and felt love. Now I know this may not be the case for everyone but this is how it made me feel.

The wheel hasn’t been reinvented with this box but an understanding of what couples need when you are not able to have proper date nights couldn’t be more spot on, I have been so impressed with this company!

Could I have planned a date night like this? Maybe! But I have never done so.

Would my husband be as keen if he knew I planned something like this? No, because he always believed he wasn’t in to this type of thing but he really enjoyed having the date night experience and he even said he would do it again, result!!

Would I purchase another box? Yes, depending on the price. Currently the price is TBC so I can’t really comment on the worth of the box. The products are artisan, so they’re not something you come across every day.

I loved the experience! I am excited to see how the company develops and if I do purchase a box I would totally go for the wine tasting, totally up our street!

Thank you Get Date Night for letting me review your Date Night box.

*Disclaimer* I was sent the Date Night box for review but I have given my full honest opinion.





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