Spibelt Running Belt (review)

Have you ever found something to help you when you workout that you have to use every time?

I have; meet the Spibelt. It’s a running belt that holds your phone, keys and money discreetly, easily and with comfort.

What I love about the Spibelt is, it doesn’t bounce when I am running on the treadmill, going to the shop, Zumba and weights. I went trampolining recently and I had to tighten the belt, which is a win! I did notice that the belt moved around, maybe I didn’t have it tight enough or maybe it was the aggressive bouncing. Either way I didn’t mind, I was able to carry my stuff without worrying my bag would go missing and I was able to access my phone to take the must needed sweaty selfie and bounce video 😉

I did worry that the belt would creep up around my belly, I’m a size 18/20 right now but when I got the belt I was size 24, I thought it would slip in the fold of my belly but it didn’t, it stays put. One negative is that now my waist is getting smaller the belt tends to ride up, by putting the belt to the side it helps a little but this can get a little tedious. I’ve seen other people putting them to the back but for me this defeats the purpose of having a zip pouch to have easy access too.

The belt has adjustable straps and it fitted my chunky 24 (uk size) with ease and still had room. So the advantage of it being adjustable is that it will shrink with me, no need to buy another belt.

On those days when you just want to nip to the shop it is perfect, you don’t need a bag and everything fits in the Spibelt!

I have the iPhone 6s Plus so it fits that, money, cards and keys. The Spibelt I have is “Spibelt Large Pocket Lanai“.

So far I haven’t had any trouble with sweat soaking through the pocket, maybe because I keep my running to 30-40mins, so far so good! I know there are waterproof belts and I would love to try one of those, it is winter after all and here in England, it is mainly rain with a side of rain!

Overall the Spibelt does the job it is intended to do, I love the material and pattern. I love that it is accessible for the plus side lady and gent, that it’s breathable and adjustable. It does annoy me that it rides up but I am in a phase where I am losing weight, so it could be my shape changing etc.. I’ll know more once I lose more and can update this post. I like that you can get accessories for the belt, for example you can get sports gel, water bottles and an extender (to increase the belt size).

So if you are looking for a running/exercise belt, something for festivals or both, then check out Spibelt I highly recommend it.







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