Lapland Mailroom Letter Review

Christmas is a time of year that you can relate to with family and traditions. One of those traditions was the yearly trip to see Santa and some years I received a letter which made it even more special and magical. Now I have my own children I have tried to make it just as magical.

I had the opportunity to review a letter from the Lapland Mailroom and as I normally get my kids a letter I thought why not. The website is very clear and slick; simple to use. The letters on the website looked beautiful, different from the letters my kids have received before!


You have an option to choose from four different letters, which is great if you need to buy a few letters and ensure they’re all different. You can even personalise certain sections that include friends, siblings, gifts and Santa’s favourite food you left out the year before. So it includes special details from the previous year linking those together. I think that’s very unique and clever!


Prices start from £7.95 and at the moment every letter includes a Nice Child Certificate worth £2.99 for FREE. The letters are individually addressed to the child, so they could identify that it was for them; creating more excitement.


There’s also a baby’s first Christmas letter for £7.95, including a Nice Child Certificate.


We received the letter with activity pack, which costs £8.95.

Included in the pack is:

  1. ‘Nice Child’ Certificate
  2. Elf Yourself! Activity sheet
  3. Christmas Eve door hanger
  4. Cut out and keep
  5. Christmas decoration
  6. Colouring in Christmas card
  7. Colouring in ‘Santa
  8. Stop Here! poster’


The last ordering date for all International orders will be 10th December 2016

The last ordering date for Europe will be 14th December 2016

The last ordering date for all UK order will be 21st December 2016


I loved these letters but best of all my kids loved them. My youngest couldn’t get over the details of what she had asked for in her letter and believed that Santa read her letter, which made it so magical!

My eldest daughter seems gobbed smacked with the details in it! When you’re personalising them you can put details in the P.S. Section and you write something you’d like your kids to do or listen etc… I praised her or should I say Santa praised her for her hard work and that if she keeps it up she will achieve great things! Made me smile and made her believe she can do anything!

For the price of £7.95 you can get a letter and it surely makes it worth it when you see their wee faces!! I absolutely recommend it.

Now I only received the letters on the 10th of December and I put this review up ASAP so I do hope you have time to order your little ones a letter in time.

Any questions please leave them below or head over to Lapland Mailroom and contact them directly.


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