5 instant weight loss tips

Today i’d like to share with you some simple but effective tips for weight loss!

  1. Don’t shop when you are hungry! You are more likely to put things in your basket or trolly that you wouldn’t normally.
  2. If you have a food craving, paint your nails or brush your teeth. If you continue to have a craving, think about why you started and if you still want it, have half of what you would normally have.
  3. Drink a glass of water 30 mins before your meal. Anything leftover can be put in the fridge to be eaten later or the next day.
  4. Fill up on veggies and protein foods. These will keep you fuller for longer.
  5. Drink a peppermint or green tea before bed as this will help aid digestion and reduce bloating.

I hope these help and remember, you hold the power to change your life ❤ x




Little Things Planners – Food diary 


I have a had a tough week with one thing or another and I ended up with a gain of 2lbs. I want a 100% week and what better way that than to use a food diary. You can get normal diaries off your consultant but I wanted something for myself and that was tangible. I thought of creating my own or using a journal but then I saw these journals on Little Things Planners on instagram.

The diary is clean, clear and laid out very well. You have your shopping list, meal planner, activity, water tracker, daily food diaries, including healthy extras and syns. I have spoken about the diary in my latest youtube video.

It is printed on quality paper and it has a plastic cover to keep it clean. I can be a messy pup at times!

I am so ready to tackle the week ahead and with my planner in toe, it will keep me in check.

Something else I received was a weight loss chart. It has 70lbs on it and every time you lose weight you colour in a circle! I am quite excited for this, I am a visual person, so I will be putting it up in the kitchen along with my certificates. So I can watch it being coloured in as the weeks go on and once I finish it, I will finally be at target!! This excited me greatly!


Please head over to Little Things Planners and check out the designs. Everything is customisable and I love that it has my initials! Anything personalised really floats my boat! The customer service is amazing and the turn around of custom diary’s and charts is quite quick. Impressive!

I love my diary! Check back next week to see how I did. If you don’t follow me on instagram you can by clicking here and you can see my daily diary 🙂



**Disclaimer; I was sent this diary to review from Little Things Planners. I wasn’t asked to do a review or video, no sponsored content, I genuinely love the product and that’s why I am sharing with you.

Treat yourself for the weight you’ve lost. (Motivacelet Review)

I‘m so excited to share with you my new bracelet from Motivacelet. The bracelet is different from other bracelets. This one counts your weight loss, with different charms indicating the stones, 1/2 stones and lbs. It is a great way to show your weightloss and no one knows about it, so you can stay motivated by seeing your weight loss and it isn’t obvious to other people. Unless someone else has the bracelet, then you both know and it feels like a secret society 😉

One thing I love about it, it shows all of your weight loss. I lost 2st before joining a slimming world group and when I get my certificates my weight loss before isn’t recognised. So this makes me feel better and more accomplished.

My bracelet is from the active range, there are different types of bracelets on the website, so be sure to check it out here to find a bracelet that will suit you. From this bracelet, wraps and silver. It’s really perfect for everyone.

This is my bracelet and charms. The large charms represent stones, the smaller charm is the half stone and the smallest are lbs.

This bracelet can hold 3 stones with all the charms. If you are like me with more than 3 stone to lose, I put the large stones on, then I use the 1/2 stone and lb charms for the rest.

For example; I’ve lost 8st 12lbs. I would put 8 large stones on, then 6 lb charms, then 1/2 st charm then 5 more lb charm. (Pictured below).

FullSizeRender 21

I think this is amazing way to track and see it visually. I am a visual person. When I reach for food, something I shouldn’t, I see my bracelet and put it back.

For me I can’t afford to celebrate each milestone, so this is an affordable way to treat yourself. Not only do they have the charms shown above, they have love heart charms that you can use to celebrate the stones too. For me these are special and I want one for when I hit 10 stone, it will look amazing ❤️

So if you’re looking for a pretty way to celebrate your weight loss check out Motivacelet. If you buy your own, tag me in your photo on Instagram, I would love to see!

Until next time,


Whole earth foods #fuelgood

I thought I would share with you this yummy prize I won from Whole Earth Foods. They were running a competition on Twitter called #fuelgood and it was sharing your goals for 2017!

My goal was to lose enough weight to run a 5k and raise money for an important charity. I am doing a 5k!!! Eekkk so exciting!

Peanut butter is a staple in my house and if you’ve been following me on Instagram you know I have it everyday with my breakfast as a healthy source of fat! Great to refuel after a workout, perfect for a preworkout to, depending on what you like to do.

I love Whole Earth, I’ve bought that much of it over the last year I could have shares lol!

As I mentioned, I am doing a 5k in April for an amazing charity called Brian House Children’s Hospice. If you’ve like to read more about the charity and sponsor me, then please click the link below. Thank you x


Nutri-Bombz Review

I have something amazing to share with you, the lovely people at Nutri-Bombz sent me some samples to taste test and share with you. I am excited about these because I love protein balls but the syn value is 10/11 syns depending on brand, but these are all around 3 to 3.5 syns and I’ll say the syn value per each below. 

In this box I got nutri-bitz banana (3 syns), the nutri-bombz pecan & cranberry (4.5 syns), salted caramel protein boost (3.5 syns) & choccy brownie (3.5 syns).

I love the Nutri Bitz Banana in my cereal. They’re so tasty on there own but when you mix it with warm porriage the melt a little and omgoodness it is so tasty.

I love that each ball and bitz are in individual packets. Keeping a portion control and keeping them fresh to carry with you. Easy to fit in a lunch box or pop it in your bag. Once you have one you don’t need to have another. It is satisfying and really hits the spot.

I must admit I prefer the salted caramel and banana bitz. The choccy brownie wasn’t soft or creamy like I imaged and the cranberry is higher synned but it was lovely, but not worth 4.5 syns for my taste. If you love that flavour it would be worth it. If the salted caramel was higher syns I would still have it.

I store them in my cupboard. They have dates on them for when they go out of date, you do get a few weeks on each ball, mine were march and April, as you may have guessed they all went quick enough 😉

I gave a couple to my friend and she loved them! She is ordering some 🤗

I don’t have a discount code but lots of codes are currently on Instagram if you want to have a look, if you can’t find any let me know as I’ll be able to source them out. I’m like a sniffer dog for bargains 😂

Yes, I will be ordering again! I fancy some of the peanut butter ones 😋😋 that could be dangerous but I’m willing to take the risk.

If you’ve any questions please leave them below and for other updates, recipes, food diaries please check out my YouTube channel.


5 tips on how to start losing weight

Today I want to share with you my 5 instant weight loss tips to kick start your journey. So let’s get started.

1. Drink plenty of water. There are apps you can download where you input your weight to see how much you should drink and that helps a lot. The app I use is called Plant Nanny. To your water you can add fruit like blueberries, blackberries, strawberries to make it more interesting and refreshing. I also love adding cucumber 💚

2. Prepare you meals in advance. Doing meal prep really helps when you’re busy, tired or just don’t have the time. This will help with unnecessary snacking or making a bad choice at lunch or dinner. I also prepare my snacks, so I will always have fruit ready, eggs cooked in the fridge and carrot sticks at hand with some sort of dip.

3. Cut down on the fizzy drinks. It doesn’t matter if it is a diet drink & tastes yummy 😋 this will lead to bloating and it’s full of chemicals. Yes I still have the odd drink but I have cut it right back.

4. Don’t drink your calories. So what I mean is when you’re losing weight and drink your calories it will stunt your losses. So for now, stay away from smoothies, especially the ones premade in the shops. When you blend a fruit it changes the properties in it and your body digests it different, it also releases lots of sugar. It will not fill you up and you will want to snack again, which will lead to eating an excess of calories.

5. Eat slowly. If you chew your food 10-15 times then it makes it easier on your gut to digest and pass through. It also takes 20mins for your belly to know you’ve eaten enough, so by eating slower you will not get that stuffed feeling and you’ll feel satisfied. If you have food left over just put it in the fridge for later or tomorrow’s lunch. Enjoy the flavours of the food and when you focus on your food you’ll not think about what can I eat next. A lesson I learnt because I was always a quick eater and went on thinking mmm what’s next? Try it and you’ll see a difference. If you do, pop back and leave me a comment to let me know.

Just a few quick fire tips and I hope they help!

Have a great weekend guys x

Throwback Thursday – We all fit in these trousers

I posted this photo a while ago on my Instagram and the feedback was amazing! I would like to take a moment to share it with you since it is #throwbackthursday.

The black trousers I am wearing where once too tight on me, I remember struggling to sit down in them and thinking, “I can’t wait to lose weight to fit in these properly”. So being able to get into one leg is so surreal.

This left picture shows me wearing the same trousers. I remember this day clearly because I was walking up the smallest elevated bit of ground and wishing the ground would swallow me up! I was tired, sore, out of breathe and uncomfortable in these clothes. I feel a pain in my heart when I share these moments because it is hard to share and be honest with how I felt because at that time I would have told anyone “I was ok”, “my weight wasn’t an issue”, “I’m not out of breathe because of my size” the list is endless. I could think of all the negatives but from darkness you find light and when you look for positives you can celebrate even in the dark times.

I love this photo because my daughter is in it, she held my hand ever so tightly and she was happy. I treasure this photo and it is great to see the change in myself.

So I give you the family trousers 👖 I will keep a hold of these because someday when I reach target, there will be another photo in these trousers. That will be an exciting day!

Thank you for sharing this moment with me. 

Remember you are capable of so many things, you CAN lose weight, all you need is to be ready to make change. Then you’ve got this.

If you’ve any questions for me, leave them below! Until next time;



Speedy porridge 

Sometimes on a cold morning porridge is the perfect breakfast to have. To make speedy porridge all you need;

  • 40g Oats (HexB)
  • 170 MLS of Almond milk (part hexa) or which ever milk you like
  • Cinnamon 
  • Apple (speed)
  • Sweet freedom Syrup (1/2 syn per level tsp)

Cook your oats in a pan or microwave. I prefer the microwave as it is quicker.

I put the oats, cinnamon and milk together. In the microwave for 2 mins. Once ready I chop up a sweet pink lady apple and place on top. I picked up an apple cutter from Asda for £1, so simple and easy to use. Then use 1 – 2 tsp of Sweet Freedom Syrup, maple syrup or honey (syn accordingly) and you’re done. A healthy, speedy way to start your day.

Have a good one x 

Low syn nutella & Tasty Little Numbers coffee bean baked oats recipe

Heart shaped baked oats. 

I really enjoyed this breakfast. It was indulgent and so worth it. Combining all my favourite ingredients plus new treats from Tasty Little Numbers. I used their coffee beans for 5 syns, you can read more about them and my review here

The baked oats are 9 syns, using your hexb, part hexa, 1 tbsp of Nutella for 4 syns & Tasty Little Numbers coffee beans for 5 syns. 

What you will need:

  • 40g oats (hexb)
  • 50mls of almond milk (part hexa or syn accordingly)
  • 1 egg (protein)
  • 2 caps of Salted Caramel extract or a flavouring of your choice (free)
  • 1 tsp of sweetener
  • Nutella (4 syns per level tbsp)
  • Tasty Little Numbers coffee beans (5 syns)
  • Heart shape tray

Preheat your oven to 180 degrees

Measure your 40g oats and put in a jug with your milk and stir. Then add in your egg and mix throughly. Then add your sweetner and flavouring of your choice. Combine all together. 

Place your heart tin on an oven tray, it’s just easier to put in the oven this way and then pour in the mixture. 

Now place in the oven for 20-25 mins on 180. Or cook until ready.

When ready let it cool for a few minutes then using a measuring spoon, take one tbsp of Nutella and spread over the top. Then take your Tasty Little Numbers coffee beans and pop them in top. They taste so good and melt a little with the heat 😍

Serve with some speed food. This mixture is perfect for an SP day as no free food is used. 
If you make them be sure to let me know here, YouTube or tag me on Instagram as I’d love to see. 

Enjoy x 


If you want to syn your Oats instead of using your heathy extra b you can, just make sure to check the syn values in your book or the slimming world website. 
All syn values are correct at the time of posting this recipe, if you’re viewing at a later date please check the syn values to protect your weight loss. 

Sweet Freedom Choc Pot review (new product)

have done a review on the Sweet Freedom range before and you can find that here, but today I want to share with you the brand new product they released, the Sweet Freedom Choc Pot.

Firstly, I would like to take a little bit of appreciation on the new branding and packaging. The woodland creatures and darker packaging really sets the product apart from its former white, clean label and you can tell the company has developed and created a unique brand that appeals to mass market.

Okay let me start with the question on everyones lips “how many syns?” it is 0.5 per level teaspoon and 14 cals. If you use 1 level tablespoon it is 2 syns. Now many people argue this point because 3 tsp are in 1 tbsp so technically that would be 1.5 syns BUT it is 14cals per tsp so 14 x 3 +42cals = 2 syns. Phew! that’s that cleared up 🙂

Now this product is exciting for me because I love chocolate spread in my breakfast, on fruit and in baked oats. Half the syns as normal spread, but what’s the catch? There isn’t one, there is just a different taste. So choc pot to me is more a dark chocolate spread, it has a bournville taste and I love bournville so it’s perfect for me. If you are not a fan of dark chocolate then this isn’t the spread for you! Anymore than 1 tbsp, it is sickly.

In porridge it melts through like a dream, it is easy to spread and it has a thick consistency. It doesn’t taste like the liquid choc shot, I find sometimes the liquid choc shot can have an aftertaste but I don’t find this with the choc pot.

The choc pot is 250g that does seem like a lot but it actually isn’t as much as it seems, it is around 16.5 level tbsp. So if you like to use it everyday like this chocoholic here, then you would need to buy a tub every few weeks. It lasts up to 6 weeks in the fridge, so maybe don’t be like me and have it everyday 😉

Here are a few breakfasts I have been enjoying using choc pot;

You can pick up the Choc Pot from Asda, it was released on 20th February but it was in limited stores, the product has now been released into over 300 stores. It is priced at £3 per tub.

Sweet Freedom Choc Pot Chocolate Spread is a Gluten Free and Dairy Free Chocolate spread made with 100% natural ingredients.

  • 250g.
  • Vegan.
  • Made in the UK.
  • With 75% less fat.
  • Gluten, wheat & dairy free.
  • Only 14 cals per teaspoon.
  • No additives, chemical processing, palm oil, GMOs or preservatives.


*Disclaimer – Sweet Freedom kindly sent me the Choc Pot to test and review. All opinions are completely honest and my own! No sponsored content.