Throwback Thursday – We all fit in these trousers

I posted this photo a while ago on my Instagram and the feedback was amazing! I would like to take a moment to share it with you since it is #throwbackthursday.

The black trousers I am wearing where once too tight on me, I remember struggling to sit down in them and thinking, “I can’t wait to lose weight to fit in these properly”. So being able to get into one leg is so surreal.

This left picture shows me wearing the same trousers. I remember this day clearly because I was walking up the smallest elevated bit of ground and wishing the ground would swallow me up! I was tired, sore, out of breathe and uncomfortable in these clothes. I feel a pain in my heart when I share these moments because it is hard to share and be honest with how I felt because at that time I would have told anyone “I was ok”, “my weight wasn’t an issue”, “I’m not out of breathe because of my size” the list is endless. I could think of all the negatives but from darkness you find light and when you look for positives you can celebrate even in the dark times.

I love this photo because my daughter is in it, she held my hand ever so tightly and she was happy. I treasure this photo and it is great to see the change in myself.

So I give you the family trousers 👖 I will keep a hold of these because someday when I reach target, there will be another photo in these trousers. That will be an exciting day!

Thank you for sharing this moment with me. 

Remember you are capable of so many things, you CAN lose weight, all you need is to be ready to make change. Then you’ve got this.

If you’ve any questions for me, leave them below! Until next time;




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