Nutri-Bombz Review

I have something amazing to share with you, the lovely people at Nutri-Bombz sent me some samples to taste test and share with you. I am excited about these because I love protein balls but the syn value is 10/11 syns depending on brand, but these are all around 3 to 3.5 syns and I’ll say the syn value per each below. 

In this box I got nutri-bitz banana (3 syns), the nutri-bombz pecan & cranberry (4.5 syns), salted caramel protein boost (3.5 syns) & choccy brownie (3.5 syns).

I love the Nutri Bitz Banana in my cereal. They’re so tasty on there own but when you mix it with warm porriage the melt a little and omgoodness it is so tasty.

I love that each ball and bitz are in individual packets. Keeping a portion control and keeping them fresh to carry with you. Easy to fit in a lunch box or pop it in your bag. Once you have one you don’t need to have another. It is satisfying and really hits the spot.

I must admit I prefer the salted caramel and banana bitz. The choccy brownie wasn’t soft or creamy like I imaged and the cranberry is higher synned but it was lovely, but not worth 4.5 syns for my taste. If you love that flavour it would be worth it. If the salted caramel was higher syns I would still have it.

I store them in my cupboard. They have dates on them for when they go out of date, you do get a few weeks on each ball, mine were march and April, as you may have guessed they all went quick enough 😉

I gave a couple to my friend and she loved them! She is ordering some 🤗

I don’t have a discount code but lots of codes are currently on Instagram if you want to have a look, if you can’t find any let me know as I’ll be able to source them out. I’m like a sniffer dog for bargains 😂

Yes, I will be ordering again! I fancy some of the peanut butter ones 😋😋 that could be dangerous but I’m willing to take the risk.

If you’ve any questions please leave them below and for other updates, recipes, food diaries please check out my YouTube channel. 


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