Tuesday daily food diary (weigh day)

So guys I managed to lose 11.5lbs over the last few weeks and managed a maintain at group; making it my lowest weight in over 14 years! So pleased!

So my diary for the day isn’t perfect as I had a bag of high syn sweets but I really fancied it. I was craving everything and could have eaten so much crap but I was satisfied after the sweets. So I was 15.5 syns over for the day, which means I’ll deduct a couple over the next week each day.

So here is Tuesdays diary;

Any questions please leave them below.

Top left; how many different foods I’ve had

  • P – protein 
  • F – free
  • S – speed

So for example I’ve had more speed but I will only count the different ones.

Bottom left;

  • P – Period
  • • is how frequent the toilet is

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