Mooncup Menstrual Cup Review

I came across Mooncup when I was searching online for an alternative for Tampons. I hated using tampons but having such a heavy flow they were the option I had used since I was 15, that’s 18 years. I used own brand tampons and Tampax. I hated that I was putting these chemicals in my body, I always felt sick, I was always worried about toxicshock syndrome and expenses. I was fed up of spending £15-20 every month. That is a lot and I could be spending that on something else and keeping myself healthy.

I found Mooncup and other branded cups, I did research for months and read up on other cultures too. I was worried about it and how I would use it but I seen all the benefits. So I reached out to Mooncup and they helped me choose the right size. It was here quickly but it took me a few months to pluck up the courage to use it, so I’d like to share my experiences with you.


In the box you get your Mooncup, bag to store it and an instructions leaflet; it’s important to read it before starting.


The Mooncup is available in two sizes: Size A for people who’ve given birth or are aged 30+ and Size B for people who haven’t given birth and are under the age of 30.

The capacity is to the airholes and it is possible to fill the cup past the airholes or overflow to the rim (Although please be advised this can make removal a little messy). For size A the capacity is 29ml and for size B it’s 28ml.

The cup

The Mooncup is a made from a medical grade silicone, it has measurements on the cup but I haven’t really checked measurements if I’m honest, I tend not to record it. The bottom of the cup has a stem with rings around it like a grip. Once you insert the cup you feel the ridges and then you can choose where to cut the stem. It is uncomfortable if you don’t cut it to suit.

Using the cup

I prefer the second folding technique it makes it easier to insert and I’ve found it so easy to use. Once I’ve positioned it right, it is so comfortable, I use it all day and night with no irritation. You have no idea how amazing this is for me, it has completely changed my monthly period. I hated it before, it got me so down but the Mooncup has changed that. I don’t panic when I’m out and about, I forgot I’m wearing it and I’ve savings to spend on other things, like baking; a new hobby I’m trying to take up. I must mention I haven’t leaked once, even on my most severe months.


To remove the Mooncup you just gently pinch the stem and slowly pull down. At home it’s easy to rinse out and reuse but when you’re out and about it is handy to carry a bottle of water and some wet wipes.


I prefer the boiling method, all in the instruction book. I bought a £1 pot from Poundland and use it every month to keep it clean.

Final thoughts

I absolutely love the Mooncup. So simple to use, I’ve been using it now for 5 months with no issues or complaints. It’s a high quality cup and the customer service is fantastic. You can pick up the Mooncup from them directly, Superdrug or boots. Around £30 and totally worth it. The cup can do you a lifetime and you only need to replace it, if it gets damaged. Mooncup have been in the market since 2002, I just wish I found them earlier.

Have you tried a Mooncup or menstrual cup? What are your thoughts?

Julie x