It is lovely to see you here 🙂

So it’s the about me section, the awkward section for me! I never really know what to write here, it’s a little like a twitter bio but to much freedom to waffle!

I am 32 years old lady from Ireland, currently living in Blackpool. I am on the Slimming World plan where I have lost 5st 10lbs to date (19th July 16). I started Slimming World at home on the 20th of Jan 16 then I joined a group on the 2nd Feb 16 as I needed support. Living so far away from home and no friends here, limited my support network and so far group has been great.

To get to my target weight I have another 6 stone to lose (12 stone overall), that is my first target weight and if I am happy and healthy then I will stay there, if I’m not happy I will lower it.

I am a mum of two just wanting to be healthy for my children, set an example and hopefully be an inspiration.

I have now jumped into fitness, I want to gain muscle and change my body. I am currently pushing my body so see what it can do. In Jan I wasn’t able to walk up stairs, that is no joke, I felt like I was dying and I couldn’t even see how bad it was at the time. Now I can run up the stairs. I am able to use a trampoline (now I am under the weight limit), I do weights, exercise dvds, hiit workouts and my new toy is a weighted hula hoop! I don’t succeed in exercising everyday but I don’t let that get me down, I just try again the next day. I actually use a fitbit to track everything I can and I use my fitness pal to track food along side my slimming world diary.

So I think that is all I need to write, right now! I can’t think of much more to tell you. Maybe once I am into the swing of blogging I can tell my story on how this all happened, it wasn’t just “hand to mouth” but that was part of it!

If you got this far, well done! I do go on a bit and if you watch me on youtube I am sure you know that already.

If you would like to get in touch you can on twitter | instagram | youtube or email me contactjustjulie@gmail.com

I will use this platform for my diary, recipes and reviews; that I hope you’ll enjoy. x



First photo – 2/3rd Feb 16

Second Photo – 12 July 16

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