Mooncup Menstrual Cup Review

I came across Mooncup when I was searching online for an alternative for Tampons. I hated using tampons but having such a heavy flow they were the option I had used since I was 15, that’s 18 years. I used own brand tampons and Tampax. I hated that I was putting these chemicals in my body, I always felt sick, I was always worried about toxicshock syndrome and expenses. I was fed up of spending £15-20 every month. That is a lot and I could be spending that on something else and keeping myself healthy.

I found Mooncup and other branded cups, I did research for months and read up on other cultures too. I was worried about it and how I would use it but I seen all the benefits. So I reached out to Mooncup and they helped me choose the right size. It was here quickly but it took me a few months to pluck up the courage to use it, so I’d like to share my experiences with you.


In the box you get your Mooncup, bag to store it and an instructions leaflet; it’s important to read it before starting.


The Mooncup is available in two sizes: Size A for people who’ve given birth or are aged 30+ and Size B for people who haven’t given birth and are under the age of 30.

The capacity is to the airholes and it is possible to fill the cup past the airholes or overflow to the rim (Although please be advised this can make removal a little messy). For size A the capacity is 29ml and for size B it’s 28ml.

The cup

The Mooncup is a made from a medical grade silicone, it has measurements on the cup but I haven’t really checked measurements if I’m honest, I tend not to record it. The bottom of the cup has a stem with rings around it like a grip. Once you insert the cup you feel the ridges and then you can choose where to cut the stem. It is uncomfortable if you don’t cut it to suit.

Using the cup

I prefer the second folding technique it makes it easier to insert and I’ve found it so easy to use. Once I’ve positioned it right, it is so comfortable, I use it all day and night with no irritation. You have no idea how amazing this is for me, it has completely changed my monthly period. I hated it before, it got me so down but the Mooncup has changed that. I don’t panic when I’m out and about, I forgot I’m wearing it and I’ve savings to spend on other things, like baking; a new hobby I’m trying to take up. I must mention I haven’t leaked once, even on my most severe months.


To remove the Mooncup you just gently pinch the stem and slowly pull down. At home it’s easy to rinse out and reuse but when you’re out and about it is handy to carry a bottle of water and some wet wipes.


I prefer the boiling method, all in the instruction book. I bought a £1 pot from Poundland and use it every month to keep it clean.

Final thoughts

I absolutely love the Mooncup. So simple to use, I’ve been using it now for 5 months with no issues or complaints. It’s a high quality cup and the customer service is fantastic. You can pick up the Mooncup from them directly, Superdrug or boots. Around £30 and totally worth it. The cup can do you a lifetime and you only need to replace it, if it gets damaged. Mooncup have been in the market since 2002, I just wish I found them earlier.

Have you tried a Mooncup or menstrual cup? What are your thoughts?

Julie x


Slissie Review – did it help with my food addiction?

What is a Slissie? (quote from their website)

Slissie provides you with a light mist of appetite suppressing flavour to help you stop craving sugary snacks.

We all know that feeling of mindlessly looking for biscuits to accompany the midmorning cup of coffee or a sneaky bar of chocolate because we’ve had a good day or bad day! We’ve all been there. It’s all about giving you the chance to decide whether you really want or need that treat.
We aren’t the fun police. We’re not saying never, just not all the time. We all know these treats add up and they become part of life instead of an occasional treat.

I thought it was important to share how Slissie describe themselves before I begin with my review. To me, Slissie is a tool to help while loosing or maintain weight. It will not help you lose weight! What it is good for is when you’re craving something that you don’t have the syns/points/calories for or you just don’t want to have the chocolate bar or vanilla ice cream. You use the Slissie instead, you get the nice taste of something sweet and you don’t necessarily want the thing you were craving!

Slissie says that it suppresses appetite, I didn’t find this was the case. For me it was more of a mental thing, I got the taste of something sweet so I didn’t need to have another thing. I still craved and that feeling didn’t go away!

It definitely helps when my willpower wasn’t there. When I felt ah #*#% it! I picked up the Slissie instead and while using it, I had time to quiet my mind and think, to then choose not to eat junk. So that’s why I say it is a tool within your weightloss or maintenance.

When going out I popped it in my bag. I used it when I needed to and because it isn’t a vape you can use it anywhere.

You can buy lots of different flavours. With my pack above I had the Peppermint, turns out I had a bad reaction and it made me ill. I email right away and they explained a few things to me, then sent me a replacement.

I got the vanilla… my goodness it tastes so nice! It really helped.

What I did notice is when my will power was stronger, I didn’t need it but then when I did, it was right there to be picked up and ready to go.

I know many people will see this as a fad but let’s look at the facts;

  1. It is a tool to help
  2. It doesn’t help you lose weight
  3. Helps with willpower

Sometimes we need help in our journeys. For me this was fab! I still use it now when I need too.

The cons

The only issues I had was I seemed to be allergic to the peppermint, which is my favourite flavour 😦 and one of my other ones did leak. It doesn’t suppress appetite.

The pros

It helped with my will power and the vanilla one is amazing! Easy to use, charge and carry with you. It’s also helped when I’ve just wanted to eat all round me and I was able to control myself around my food addiction. It might not suppress appetite but it created a unique way to show me mindful eating and when I was actually hungry and bored!

I have been asked has it changed any habits or does it work?

The thing is, If I’m honest, I was only sent 1 filter that lasts 1 week and I was allergic before being sent a replacement. It usually takes 21 days to form a habit and I would have loved to trial it for 21 days to be able to do a 21 day review. 1 week isn’t long enough to be fully sold on the idea. I liked it and it did help but to answer the question does it work? For the short time I had it, it helped.

Check out the Slissie website for more information and pricing. Lots of other reviews for 21 days are on if you google them. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask below or on my social media or email.

Disclaimer: this is my honest review. I was sent the starter 7 day pack from Slissie for my honest opinion and review. No affiliation or sponsored content!

Yumbox by Eat Well U.K. 

Recently I’ve been wanting to portion my lunches better and I’ve wanted a lunchbox for so long. As a child I had a care bear lunchbox with stickers all over it and nothing compared to it. For years I’ve looked for something to fall in love with and that’s when I found Yumbox by eat well uk. 

What drew me to the lunch box was the portioned sections. Then the cute graphic design and of course the vibrant colours. They have so many beautiful colours and there’s also different compartments you can purchase separately to change the inside. You can also get a child’s version.

So when I found out it was spill proof, yes you did read that right, spill proof!! I had to test that theory out. So I made Slimming World tiramisu which can be quite runny and I added in frozen fruit. We all know what happens when defrosting fruit, it fills with water. I can confirm, in a bag traveling in a car, it did not spill! I was shocked. The inside has a rubber that seals the lunchbox closed. 

I then tried something a little cuter with a cookie cutter for my cucumber, which fit perfectly in the circle. I’ve also used this section for sauces and peanut butter. So this was my little trip to the beach lunch box!


It was so nice just to sit and the beach with a no fuss lunch box and enjoy it. The lid stays attached so you don’t need to worry about setting it down and it is handy to put crisps into. I made the mistake of putting beetroot in and it did stain my lid, but that’s ok, it shows it’s well loved, but yes certain foods will stain the rubber lid. No one sees it but you anyway!

Of course I had to take a photo with the tower, isn’t that the touristy thing to do; even though I live here now hehe! In the warm weather I’m always asked if I’m here on holiday; sometimes I’m cheeky and say yes, other times I say we live here. 

Getting back to the box, it is a great lunchbox, it holds soup to with no spillage. It is hard plastic, you can change the inside with another design and it is a beautiful looking box. It would be suitable for someone who uses a lunchbox often or for trips to the beach with the kids. 

The lunch I have is the Yumbox Panino and the price is £24.95 and you can purchase it on the website. It is dearer than your average lunch box but it is an investment, it will be something that will last and you won’t need a replacement every few months. It is dishwater safe, BPA free and I just think it’s brilliant. Whether I’m indoor or outdoor I use this a lot and if you are in the same slimming world group you’ll know I have my evening meal in it every week ☺️. 

I do think this is a great tool to learn portion control. You get to add different bits to have a variety too. Definitely a plus for me.  The kids also use it when they have a school trip.

I found it hard to find any negatives about the Yumbox and the only thing is the staining from beetroot. 

The customer service was impeccable and delivery was fast. 

So if you’re interested in this lunch box then be sure to check Eat Well UK or click here to see all the different designs and colours! 

If you get one yourself be sure to comment below and let me know what you think, or if you’re on Instagram tag me.

If you follow me on YouTube you will see I spoke about the Yumbox in a recent video, so you can see a hands on view approach 😀 
**Disclaimer; Eat Well UK did send me this Yumbox to trial and review. This is not a paid or sponsored post and I’ve given my completely honest opinion. I have tested the Yumbox over a few months before writing my review, I wanted to see if it stood up to wear and tear, I also wanted to check if the spill proof would degrade over time and so far it has not. 

Goth Girl by Chris Riddell 

Ada Goth is the only child of Lord Goth who lives in Ghastly Gorm Hall, but despite the huge grounds and endless rooms,she is still alone. However on one stormy night she meets a ghost of a mouse and they embark on a wild and exciting adventure.

Goth Girl is an amazing book filled with humour and surprises and the author Chris Riddle not only wrote the book, but illustrated it too. The detail in the writing is impeccable and describes every detail from the smallest painting on each wall to the entire house itself while the illustrations complement the delightful characters and descriptions, really setting the scene. It’s heart-warming and shows the importance of love and friendship, I simply could not put it down.

Goth Girl is a real treasure. It’s quirky book that will engage well readers of the early teen years. It has a non-stop adventurous atmosphere that attempts to leave you feeling astonished with a sense of wonderment. The author has filled the book to the brim with imaginative ideas which keep you constantly on the edge of your seat.

Each paragraph gets more and more exciting and makes you feel like your there experiencing what Ada can see, hear, taste and touch. It’s hilarious, scary, and filled with unique and interesting characters and individual tales. It’s a story of difference and beauty and I couldn’t put it down.

I really enjoyed this book, it had me hooked from the start, I like it because it kept me guessing and never gave too much away. My favourite part is the very first sentence, I love how the author creates this sense of mystery straight away. I would highly recommend this book to readers who love adventure and mystery.


Shannon Mullin (aged 12)

Summer is coming and my Wingz are out! (Wingz Fashion Review)

Having lost 9st (128lbs) I am quite conscious about my arms and loose skin. I know the world is in a body positive movement right now but I haven’t caught up with this yet and I am conscious about my arms, so while someday I hope to love every inch of my body, I don’t! So having Wingz in my life has helped and changed how I view myself. Also with it getting warmer I don’t have to cover up in cardigans, hoodies or jumpers like I have before.

The material is so light weight, breathable and comfortable; while being opaque. Easy to put on and wear under tops and dresses. If you watch my YouTube video, you will see how easy it is to get on, even with my clumsy self 😂

In the photo I am wearing a stringy top with a vest over but you’d never know I was wearing Wingz. They’re discret and go with everything so far. I even tried them with a sports top (in video) and although it didn’t cover I had a lot of suggestions about pinning it to my top and that would make it perfect for it too.

Now I am a size 16 but I had to order a size 18-22 in the Wingz because my arms are big and have a lot of loose skin. As I had to order a bigger size (using the sizing chart) because the other size is 12-16 and I didn’t think that would fit. With being a much bigger side they slip of my shoulders, I maybe should have ordered a smaller size anyway because this, it can be a problem. It’s just because I’ve lost lots of weight from my shoulders but my arms are hanging on for dear life 😂

The Wingz I have are Black full length fitted stretch Wingz they’re £16.99 with £2.49 standard delivery. 

They come in lots of different styles and colours, I need some of the flowy Wingz for summer, they be great with the basic vests you can buy, easy to spice up our wardrobe without breaking the bank, while feeling confident. No more searching for clothes with sleeves, this can be draining and upsetting; I know this feeling well!

Make sure to check out Wingz Fashion and if you get yourself some make sure to tag me in your photos on twitter and Instagram; I’d love to see! 

– 8.30 minute in I talk about Wingz

Forest Feast luxury snack review

After researching dried fruits and their benefits I came across Forest Feast, they are a premium dried fruit, seed and nut snack company from back home in Northern Ireland. The company started out with only mango on their shelves, but now they have over 150 different combinations and flavours in over 36 countries worldwide. How amazing is that?

They were kind enough to send me some samples to try out for myself and the kids. For me, nuts, seeds and dried fruit are an important part of my healthy lifestyle, something I use everyday in yogurt, breakfasts, baked oats or just as a snack. The kids take portioned snack pots to school, as too much of a good thing can be bad for us 😉

I absolutely loved these smaller snack packs, if you portioned it out you could have 20-25g for 5 syns. Just like other brands that have snack packs or shots but Forest Feast have a wider variety in the bag and no processed chocolate in there either! A full bag is around 15 syns so if you wanted a full bag, you could have one. 

If you’ve been following me a while you know I love adding toppings to my breakfast. Here I have Zoats and I topped it with Forest Feast goji berries; which added beautiful flavour of sweetness to my somewhat savoury breakfast. The berries didn’t last to long, between myself and my daughter using it in overnight oats. 

In this breakfast I used the Fruit, Nut and Berry mix; stirred it into my warm breakfast. It was beautiful. Having a crunchy texture mixing with a soft sweet hit of the berries, really made the breakfast. As I’m sure you can tell I am very passionate about breakfast. It is my favourite meal of the day, the biggest, healthiest and the one to set my day on the go.

My favourite snack was the apricots, keeping them in the fridge and dipping in when I fancied something sweet. Dried apricots really are like natures candy; just like mejooled dates.

I am planning to make some high protein energy balls with the rest and a few more recipes so keep your eyes peeled. I have already had some recipes on my YouTube channel and I have chatted about them there so be sure to check that out too.

So let’s talk about price? They’re a premium snack so it can seem a bit more expensive when you intitally see the price but when you compare it to some supermarket brands and depending on the offer, the price is competitive. I like that the snack bags are only £1 you can portion them out so they will last a few days. 

Will I purchase my favourites? Yes I will. You can buy these online;

  • Ocado
  • Amazon

Or in store;

  • Waitrose
  • Asda
  • Tesco
  • Costco
  • Dunnes stores (N.I.)

I can’t wait to get some more apricots and finally try some of Forest Feast Mejooled dates.

You can find out more information on Forest Feast website

All of the products that we tried got a positive reaction so they’re all great to have in the cupboard for a snack and a healthier alternative for school lunchboxes. I also find it a great tool for my children to know about healthier fats, carbs and protein in their diet.

If you’ve any questions leave them below x  

*Disclosure – Forest Feast did send me the products to do an honest review. Not affiliated or sponsored. 

Calling all Coffee Lovers | Littles Review

A coffee a day keeps the dr away? I’m sure I read that somewhere once! I can’t start my day without a coffee so what better way that a beautifully flavoured coffee that is 2 cals per cup and syn free if you are on slimming world.

Did you know that coffee can help in your diet?

According to this piece on the NHS “coffee can make you live longer” and “Drinking three to five cups of coffee a day could help people live longer, new research has found,” The Independent reports. 

It goes on to say that the study cannot prove cause or effect and that people who drink five cups of coffee a day are no more likely to have died. There are stats and numbers on that article if you like that sort of thing, so go check it out.

I‘m not claiming miracles here but the fact that you CAN enjoy coffee without the worries that are displayed in he media make me a happy bunny. 

Little’s are a small independent company that truly deliver on their products. Being low cal, syn free and no added sugar, they take pride in creating coffee for everyone. Even down to the advertising and product design, compared to large brands they’re stealing the show ❤️ 

These are the flavours I have tried;

  • Island Coconut 
  • Rich hazelnut 
  • Spicy cardamom
  • French Vanilla
  • Swiss chocolate 
  • Maple walnut

With each coffee I got a taste for the time of day I liked it. I prefer different types of coffee throughout the day, maybe that’s the coffee snob in me or I just like varied flavours, you decide 😉 but for me in the morning I loved French Vanilla, it is a light and refreshing coffee and sets me up for the day. In the evening I loved having Maple Walnut or Swiss Chocolate. Maple walnut has an amazing nut aroma whereas Swiss chocolate with almond milk, tasted like chocolate so it gave me my sweet fix without using syns. I found if I didn’t use milk you couldn’t taste the chocolate, it was more like a rich black coffee.

What I love is my diet has changed slightly and I am following the fodmap diet and mixing it with slimming world. The fodmap diet is for IBS and you are basically gluten and dairy free by I’m going to explain it in another post. So there’s a lot of foods limited, including some coffees but what I find is fantastic, Little’s coffee is completely fodmap safe, so I am over the moon with that! I can still enjoy my favourite coffee without worrying.

Now I have finished all my coffee, it feels like I have went through it really quickly but I do love my coffee ☕️💜.

If you would like to order your own pop over to We Are Littles website and use the code JUSTJULIE10 for your own discount 🙌🏻 

**I am a Little’s Ambassador but I have given my honest opinion on the coffee. I will only ever share products with you that I love and have purchased previously. I do not receive anything for sharing the discount code, not sponsored or affiliated, it is purely there for you to receive a wee discount on your order.

Check out my YouTube channel for more!

Be Happy Book by Sophia Husbands

Hey guys! So recently I’ve hit a low in my life. Having a mental illness, I am up and down all the time but I’m so fed up and I want to try to do things productively and try and pull myself out of it quicker than months at a time.

I reached out to Sophia and I asked her could I put her book into practice to see if it can actually help in my quest for happiness or to see things differently. Sophia is lovely and so down to earth, I even asked her to sign my book and she did, which was so lovely of her! 

I read the book and I’ve reread it. It’s a simple book to read with beautiful illustration the whole way through it. It is definitely more appealing than most “self help” books. I wanted to make notes through the book and actually use it when I am feeling bad, so then I can actually give you an honest review of situations and how I used it to help me. This has taken some time, unfortunately with mental health things can take longer to do and to focus on, I want to make sure I did it right before jumping right in. 

So the book ❤️

Right away I was met with a quote in the book;

Living life on your terms

Right away I had a click moment, so often I don’t live my life on my terms, I always adjust to other people’s, making sure they’re happy but never myself. Why is that? Maybe it’s how I was brought up but I know this is something I need to work on. I would love to build my strength and living life on my terms, with boundaries and being happy; that doesn’t seem to hard or does it?

Sophia explains a bit of her story and I felt like I had written it myself. It was relatable and I felt like I was talking with a friend going through some stuff. The words she used like “I appear to be a happy person and have a nice smile”, I must admit I get people saying to me all the time you appear to be a happy person always smiling, I even had the nickname smiler when I was younger and it’s funny that a few people who watch me on YouTube call me that name too, unfortunately it’s far from the truth. 

I had high hopes from this moment onwards.

I wanted to highlight this important message. We are so bogged down with what are the social media norms and how we view ourselves, this is why the body positive movement took off and as a photographer I delve into gender policitcs and how the social constructs of the media influences the female body. We need to love our bodies and celebrate ourselves because if we don’t, no one else will.

The book looks at being honest, taking a look at your life and if you’re not happy; you have a baseline to work to transform.

Sophia refers to when she lost her dad and what he said to her. My experience, when my mum past she told me she didn’t live a good life, she told me she settled and was unhappy. Knowing my mother was dying in front of me and then knowing she was so unhappy still breaks my heart, she was taken to soon anyway but knowing this, still kills me to this day. I always said I didn’t want to feel what my mum did but for over 10 years I’ve been unhappy, part of it can’t be helped but part for it I can try, try new techniques, complete my therapy and using guides like this, I have felt positive about it. I don’t want my kids to be at my death bed and know I hated my life. I need to change that…NOW.

You have tasks in the book to guide you into the answer you are longing for. These are straight forward questions, no leading questions and it insists you be honest with yourself. These are not for anyone to see but for you to do in private, be honest and the answers you give will help you take the next step to transform yourself.

I’m not going to lie this was hard, why is it so hard to be honest with ourselves? I know why, I felt selfish, guilty, destressed and upset. I felt all these emotions even though it was for me to help me to become happier but in turn I worried I would upset someone else, that I shouldn’t put myself first, that I should be grateful instead of complaining; goodness the list is endless. I had to step backwards then I realised if this is making me truly unhappy, then my family isn’t getting the best version of me, so in turn I need to change things that will make me happier and then maybe everyone can be happier too. I want to live for myself as much as I life for my family.

Change your thoughts and transform your world. -Richard Llover

As I go further into the book there are more tasks to do from writing lists of people who do not uplift you to, gratitude, play and set a date. Each one serves a purpose. It makes you look at each aspect of your life an evaluate it. Some are easy and some are not.

For example: one task is to have a list of people’s names who do not uplift you and delete them from Facebook. This should be a simple task but my situation is a little more complex and as I look at the unfriend, I can’t do it to everyone so I’ve taken a baby step and hit unfollow, so we are still friends but I will no longer see them in my feed.

I could go through all the things that this book has helped me with but I won’t or maybe I should do some separate detailed posts in the future for each time I use the book for help or guidance.

I’ve enjoyed going through this book, it has been hard and at times I’ve had to walk away and then go back to it. It makes me realise I’ve put the steps in motion, when something is too much to take myself away from the situation without guilt and go back once I’m ready to do so.

Once I’ve done a task I like ripping the paper up and binning it. It is a like a removal of negative energy.

I do believe this book has steps in it that are easy to do and understand. It makes you dig deep and harness thoughts, emotions and teachings techniques to deal with situations. Of course it doesn’t have all the answers, everyone is unique and has a different prescriptive. 

I would suggest that if you are using the book, to not use it when you’re feeling extremely vulnerable, I say this because when you are able to pinpoint parts in the tasks it could upset you and if you do not have a support system around you, your mood could drop. I only mention this because I feel I have a duty of care, knowing about mental health and dealing with it, doing something when feeling low isn’t a great idea unless you have a friend, carer, parent or partner close so you can have help or a cuddle afterwards. 

I would highly recommend this book. I think it is a great tool to help you on your way to happiness. I don’t say that lightly either as I know how important this is. 

Things I’ve learned from the book

  • To be consistent 
  • Be honest
  • Set goals
  • Be true to myself
  • To stop worrying if I don’t get things right the first, second or third time!
  • To keep practicing what I learn
  • Be patient
  • It’s ok to cut people out of your life
  • It’s ok to cry

You can find Sophia on her website, Facebook & Twitter.

Until next time;

Never Stop & Stay Strong x

Little Things Planners – Food diary 


I have a had a tough week with one thing or another and I ended up with a gain of 2lbs. I want a 100% week and what better way that than to use a food diary. You can get normal diaries off your consultant but I wanted something for myself and that was tangible. I thought of creating my own or using a journal but then I saw these journals on Little Things Planners on instagram.

The diary is clean, clear and laid out very well. You have your shopping list, meal planner, activity, water tracker, daily food diaries, including healthy extras and syns. I have spoken about the diary in my latest youtube video.

It is printed on quality paper and it has a plastic cover to keep it clean. I can be a messy pup at times!

I am so ready to tackle the week ahead and with my planner in toe, it will keep me in check.

Something else I received was a weight loss chart. It has 70lbs on it and every time you lose weight you colour in a circle! I am quite excited for this, I am a visual person, so I will be putting it up in the kitchen along with my certificates. So I can watch it being coloured in as the weeks go on and once I finish it, I will finally be at target!! This excited me greatly!


Please head over to Little Things Planners and check out the designs. Everything is customisable and I love that it has my initials! Anything personalised really floats my boat! The customer service is amazing and the turn around of custom diary’s and charts is quite quick. Impressive!

I love my diary! Check back next week to see how I did. If you don’t follow me on instagram you can by clicking here and you can see my daily diary 🙂



**Disclaimer; I was sent this diary to review from Little Things Planners. I wasn’t asked to do a review or video, no sponsored content, I genuinely love the product and that’s why I am sharing with you.

Treat yourself for the weight you’ve lost. (Motivacelet Review)

I‘m so excited to share with you my new bracelet from Motivacelet. The bracelet is different from other bracelets. This one counts your weight loss, with different charms indicating the stones, 1/2 stones and lbs. It is a great way to show your weightloss and no one knows about it, so you can stay motivated by seeing your weight loss and it isn’t obvious to other people. Unless someone else has the bracelet, then you both know and it feels like a secret society 😉

One thing I love about it, it shows all of your weight loss. I lost 2st before joining a slimming world group and when I get my certificates my weight loss before isn’t recognised. So this makes me feel better and more accomplished.

My bracelet is from the active range, there are different types of bracelets on the website, so be sure to check it out here to find a bracelet that will suit you. From this bracelet, wraps and silver. It’s really perfect for everyone.

This is my bracelet and charms. The large charms represent stones, the smaller charm is the half stone and the smallest are lbs.

This bracelet can hold 3 stones with all the charms. If you are like me with more than 3 stone to lose, I put the large stones on, then I use the 1/2 stone and lb charms for the rest.

For example; I’ve lost 8st 12lbs. I would put 8 large stones on, then 6 lb charms, then 1/2 st charm then 5 more lb charm. (Pictured below).

FullSizeRender 21

I think this is amazing way to track and see it visually. I am a visual person. When I reach for food, something I shouldn’t, I see my bracelet and put it back.

For me I can’t afford to celebrate each milestone, so this is an affordable way to treat yourself. Not only do they have the charms shown above, they have love heart charms that you can use to celebrate the stones too. For me these are special and I want one for when I hit 10 stone, it will look amazing ❤️

So if you’re looking for a pretty way to celebrate your weight loss check out Motivacelet. If you buy your own, tag me in your photo on Instagram, I would love to see!

Until next time,