Tasty Little Numbers (review)

I was fortunate enough to review some delicious snacks from Tasty Little Numbers. They have a variety of snacks that will suit all individuals. From 100cal snacks to 200cal meals, built in portion control, it’s truly amazing and I am blown away by the quality, taste and the customer service was on point!!

TASTY LITTLE NUMBERS – Take the  messin’ outta guessin’

I‘ll start with a little gif I put together to show the different snacks.

These calorie controlled treats are perfect for any healthy lifestyle diet, so you can still enjoy your treats without worrying about overeating.

As I do slimming world these are perfect and low syn (I will list the syn value below)

  • Yoghurt Raisins – 5 syns
  • Chocolate-Coated Peanuts – 5 syns
  • Dark Chocolate Biscuit Bar – 5 syns

I had two different bars this one featured above and a milk chocolate bar, both bars were lovely but I must admit I loved the dark chocolate more; keep in mind dark chocolate is my favourite kind.

Chocolate coated coffee beans – 5 syns

If you have been following my blog for a while you will know that I love my baked oats and here I created a chocolate heart version topped with Tasty Little Numbers chocolate covered coffee beans.

For someone who is losing weight, I find these snacks so handy and if you’re like me, you like to finish something once it is opened. You don’t have to weigh anything, most of the snacks are on the Slimming World syn calculator and with the 20cal 1 syn rule, it is easy to work out the sweet treats.

So lets talk about the bars, they’re a biscuit bar and remind me of a Nestle Crunch bar, not in taste but in actual crunch and texture. The chocolate has a beautiful coating around it, not too much and not too little and the milk chocolate bar reminds me of Nestle chocolate. My favourite is the Belgian dark chocolate, creamy and rich. The dark reminds me of Bourneville, but with the biscuit inside it gives it something a little extra. A 5 syn bar with a cup of coffee… delicious!!


My husband prefers the Belgian Milk Chocolate biscuit bar, so needless to say no one else in the household got a look in.

Another appeal with the chocolate biscuit bars is that they are GLUTON FREE!! Yes, you read that right! So it opens doors for more people.

love the bags of snacks, great for my handbag, on the go, break time, kid’s lunch boxes and cinema treats. My favourites are wasabi peanuts, chocolate covered coffee beans, chocolate dusted blueberries and yoghurt covered raisins.

When I go to the cinema I love hot nuts, but we all know how calorific they’re and they are a large portion (even when you order the small). I would eat that in a blink of an eye. With the wasabi peanuts, I got the “hot nut” hit and because it was a portion I felt satisfied, not deprived and I didn’t over eat; also only using 5 syns out of my allowance for that day!

Now lets talk about the price and where to order. You can order directly from Tasty Little Number website or Amazon. Initially when you see the price on the website you might be a little taken back, as you have to buy the snacks individually as a bulk of 5 per box. For example; the dark chocolate is £3.00 for a box of 5, which then works out at 60p per bar, so if you like a certain snack that is a reasonable price. You will only get delivery for orders over £20, so when you have the money you could buy in bulk . On Amazon it is 20 bars for £13 and if you are ordering anything from Amazon, over £20 it is free delivery.

will be purchasing some new treats for the new year. I love nougat, and I’ve seen they do nougat bars and I am so excited for them. I will be repurchasing wasabi peanuts, chocolate covered coffee beans, dark chocolate bars and chocolate dusted blueberries.

If you have tried them or are going to try them, let me know your thoughts xx

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Top 10 low syn treats

Hey guys!

I thought I would share my current top 10 favourite low syn treats. I have included the syn value for a high syn treat & that’s because it was in the photo 🙂 

Tasty Little Numbers chocolate dusted blueberries are 5 syns. (Available from Amazon & boots) 

Cheetos are 3.5 syns (Available in Supermarkets)

Tasty Little Numbers Yoghurt Raisins are 5 syns. (Available from Amazon & boots)

Tasty Little Numbers both are 5 syns. (Available from Amazon & Boots)

Kellogg’s Squares are 5.5 syns (available in local shops & supermarkets)

Snaps are 3 syns & Fry’s Chocolate Cream 10 syns. (Available in Asda & Home Bargains)

Candy land Nougat for 6.5 syns. (Available in B&M & Home Bargains)

Lotus Biscoff are 3 syns per pack and come in a pack of two. (Available in the pound shop)

Twister (80ml) for 4 syns & (the 50ml is 2 syns)

*all syn values are correct at the time of posting. Please protect your own weightloss by checking the weight of the product (I buy multipacks) and the syns calculator. 

If you pick up any of these treats, let me know what you think 💕 enjoy! 

102lbs lost. Weigh in update

Hi Guys!
So I did it!! I went to weigh in on Tuesday night and lost 3.5lbs taking it to 102lbs or 7st 4lbs lost! I can’t quite believe it ❤️ and I got slimmer of the week, chuffed!

I can now feel the change in my body. I know this may sound bizarre but being so huge I never felt the first few stone made any difference. I was able to physically do more but couldn’t actually feel it. I wish I took more photos but I honestly didn’t believe in myself that I would make it to this point and I’m so upset I ever doubted myself. 

Now I can feel the changes on my body, I can finally see I am smaller, I feel lighter. 

Honest changes;

  • My bum fits in my own chair
  • I don’t knock people on the bus anymore with my arms
  • I also fit into my own chair on the bus
  • I can cut my toenails without struggling
  • Shave/Wax areas that so needed it 😂
  • Cross my legs, wow that feels amazing!
  • Strangers talking to me without looking at my weight first
  • My hair everywhere grows quickly
  • My skin has cleared up
  • I don’t get sick as often

There are so many little and big changes that have changed my life, every day I’m finding something new. It is crazy and I love it! I love it so much! 

I have attached this weeks weigh in video, hope you enjoy and if you want to watch my journey from the start then head over to my YouTube, grab a cuppa and watch 💕 

Here’s to the next 4st 3lbs 🙌🏻 this time next year I will be at target 💪🏻🎉 

Thank you for all your support it means the absolute world to me ❤️ x