Speedy porridge 

Sometimes on a cold morning porridge is the perfect breakfast to have. To make speedy porridge all you need;

  • 40g Oats (HexB)
  • 170 MLS of Almond milk (part hexa) or which ever milk you like
  • Cinnamon 
  • Apple (speed)
  • Sweet freedom Syrup (1/2 syn per level tsp)

Cook your oats in a pan or microwave. I prefer the microwave as it is quicker.

I put the oats, cinnamon and milk together. In the microwave for 2 mins. Once ready I chop up a sweet pink lady apple and place on top. I picked up an apple cutter from Asda for ¬£1, so simple and easy to use. Then use 1 – 2 tsp of Sweet Freedom Syrup, maple syrup or honey (syn accordingly) and you’re done. A healthy, speedy way to start your day.

Have a good one x