Low syn chocolate waffles (slimming world) 

Preheat your over to 180 degrees. 

You need:

  • Blender
  • Silicone waffle mould
  • 2 x Weetabix (hexb)
  • 2 Eggs (protein)
  • 1 cap full of Salted caramel (free)
  • 1/2 Mullerlight Toffee (free)
  • 1 tsp (1/2 syn) Sweet Freedom Choc shot 
  • 1tbsp (4 syns) Nutella
  • Banana (to top)

Put the weetabix in a blender and blend into a fine powder. Then add the sweetner, eggs and extract, then blend together. Once combined add the muller light and Sweet Freedom Choc shot then blitz all together.

Spray the mould with frylight, you don’t have to but I just find it easier to pop them out. Now pour the mixture into the silicone mould. I put my mould onto tray before pouring, so it would save any spillage or accidents when moving to the oven (if you are anything like me I usually spill one thing a day 😂) 

The oven will be on 180 degrees and bake for 30 mins.

Once baked, lift them out and place a plate on top, flip upside down and they should fall out from the mould easily. 

Place slices of banana around the waffles and top with Nutella. 

Tada you are done. I hope you enjoy x 


If you want to syn your weetabix instead of using your heathy extra b you can, just make sure to check the syn values in your book or the slimming world app/website. 

All syn values are correct at the time of posting this recipe, if you’re viewing at a later date please check the syn values to protect your weight loss.